A interactive machinima by Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer

blueprint, september 2003

Images shot at "GameArt - Völklinger Hütte" (D) 22. November 2003

The object is to generate real time movies on the projection-screen by moving your body in real space with the mouse in your hand. The dance takes place among visitors in the arts-show and software-bots in a network game.

So called taunts were introduced to game-players by virtual figures like software-bots. These movements are the dance-style recommended in the interactive machinima. For best arts-results on the projection screen you dance like a taunting bot in a shooter game. The projection-screen of the game environment becomes the dance mirror of the on site visitors.

Taunt becomes a dance figure in real space. Shooting actions become triggers for a dance-music clip. The departure technology used for this software modification is a game engine. To do this sort of game-modification is a tactical practice out of game culture. To make a movie by re-using the technology of game engines is called machinima. The dance machine is a realtime machinima film machine. Ordinary machinimas are predefined game-films. Here the players influence the movies appearance, representing network processes. The dance machine dancer is a software-artist in flux.

download docu-movie [ ~16MB,  2 min., 320x240, required = quicktime 6, MPEG-4 ]